Day 5 (21) review your progress #21DayGoalChallenge



Over the last few days, we have had various things to do, so today, I will give you a summary of what you  should have done so far with a few examples.

1. Write down one goal you want to achieve in the next 21 days.

Example – my goal is to eat healthier

2. Re write the goal as if you have achieved it

Example – Today is 21st  June 2018, and I am so excited that I enjoy eating healthy balance meals with regular treats.

3.Imagine how you will feel once you have achieved this goal

Example  – wow I feel energised and I am accomplishing so much

4. Write down some exciting words to reflect you having achieved your goal

5. Create a vision board – this is using pictures which represent you achieving your goals adding some exciting words


6. Write down some positive affirmations which you will repeat first thing in the morning and last thing at night based on you achieving your goal


7.Write down how you will celebrate achieving your goal

Join our face book support group where we will help and support each other or you could find someone who could also support and encourage you to achieve your goal.

Do let me know how you are getting on and if you need any help or encouragement.


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