Prepare to make changes to your life in the month of June

I woke up this morning feeling a bit scared of how fast life seems to be going, and yet still there are certain things I set out to do this year in my new year’s resolution that I have not achieved.

I then decided to review my life so far and then set myself a 21 day challenge to help me develop new habits and mindset  for a better life. I hope you too can join me in this journey. I

I decided on 21 days because i read this article which said “It is widely believed that you can make or break most habits when consistently practicing a routine for 21 Days. While each habit is as different as the person trying change it, 21 Days continues to be an ideal amount of time to try a totally new experience”

Before we can start on the 21 day challenge, we need to take stock of our lives so dar.


Review of your life so far this year

  1. What have been your saddest moments?
  2. What have been your happiest moments?
  3. Who has been the greatest influence in your life?
  4. What things have you been putting off?
  5. What do you need to do to make a difference in your life as we start the new month of June?

Preparing for your 21 days challenge to change your life

  1. What is the one goal you would like to achieve in the month of June?
  2. Why do you want to achieve this goal?
  3. How will you celebrate once you have achieved this goal?
  4. How committed are you to achieving this goal?
  5. Do you know someone who has achieved this goal?
  6. On a scale of 10, how committed are you to spend the next 21 days taking action towards achieving your goal?

Come  back tomorrow as we prepare to make the changes to our lives.


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