Marriage tips

I do believe in marriage and I am always happy and excited when I hear about people getting married. Even though my own marriage lasted for  5 years, I did have happy moments, and looking back, I have learnt from the experience and though no two marriages are the same, I feel I can share a few tips which I hope can help.

  • Start your day with a prayer together for continued love, peace understanding and harmony in your relationship.
  • Respect, love, appreciate each other and make your marriage a priority.
  • Enjoy a healthy sex life satisfying each other’s needs.
  • Practise the One Minute Smilence regularly –  recall happy moments in your life whilst smiling for a minute.
  • Don’t let the same things upset you over and over again – try and resolve it.


  • Their will be conflict, disappointments’ and set backs but its all part of your marriage journey, try and resolve them between yourselves and if you can’t get a trusted impartial person  or even get a counsellor who can help you resolve it.
  • Even if you have had a disagreement during the day, before you go to bed each night, still give each other a peck and a cuddle and say I still love you.
  • Don’t take each other for granted,

  • Give each other space to pursue interests, hobbies and time with friends and family.
  • Do all you can to keep peace within you home
  • Sometimes you just have to say – I am sorry, I was wrong, please forgive me, I love and care for you.
  • Sometimes you have to bite your tongue and let things go.
  • Do not put your partner down or say negative things about them especially to each other’s family and friends.

  • Try not to let outsiders interfere in your marriage, together you must unite and work hard to keep the relationship going.
  • Make time for special date nights
  • Know the things that your partner loves and  now and then surprise them
  • Continue to have fun together and keep a box of cherished moments so that you can recall them together.





By Genny Jones AKA Confident Queen @confident_queen   18.5.2018




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