I did it – completed 6 weeks #fitnesschallenge #fittergenny

6 weeks ago, thanks to ,Sarah Knight of  Gravesham Borough Council, I embarked on a journey towards becoming healthier and fitter by making use of the free 6 weeks membership of the leisure facilities provided by Gravesham Council.

 Their have been days when I did not want to go to the gym, but somehow managed to stay motivated by using various methods such as:-

  1. I planned each week the days and times I would go to gym
  2. I started to develop the  mindset that exercise and eating healhier was good for me
  3. Asking my face book friends and family to encouraged and support me
  4. My children who are very sporty footballers encouraged me
  5. I had  daily mantras and use visualisation to imagine my self being fiifter and healthier
  6. I read stories on the internet about various people who had changed their lives through exercise and eating healthier.
  7. .I wore inspirational Tshirts as well as colourful outfits at time
  8. I made short fun videos at every opportunity
  9. The team at the leisure centre were very supportive  and encouraging.
  10. I had an exercise programme to use in the gym which I  found easy to follow
  11. Whilst doing my exercise at times I listened to music, ot watched the TV or practised mindfulness to help me focus.
  12. I also did a variety of classes including yoga, zumba and konga

I will now pay for membership of the  leisure centre because of the wide variety of classes I can include with going to the gym. I am also making an investment on my health as I so want to be around to watch my children entre adulthood and to also be able to have good times with my family and friends.

I am also going to train to be a fitness trainer  by the end of 2019

I am also working on a healthier eating plan

I hope you too are inspired and motivated to take care of you and your health.

Special thanks to the services offered by these organisations which all helped to make my journey of getting fitter and healtheir such an enjoyable one.








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