Learn to encourage yourself

When we are faced with disappointments or setbacks, it is easy to feel down and discouraged this is ok as it is all part of our life’s experiences.  We need to develop a positive attitude and mindset  which tells us that bad situations won’t last forever.

Try not to rely on others to encourage you, instead, develop simple ways to encourage yourself like having an encouragement box.

Encouragement box – read the contents when you feel a bit down to lift your spirits and get back some good vibes.

When someone gives you a compliment write  it down and put it in your box

When someone sends you a thank you card put it in your box

When someone sends you an encouraging message or text write it down and put in your box

Write down all you have accomplished in life and put it in your box

Remeber the purpose of your encouragement box is to fill it with things to encourage either yourself or someone else when they are feeling down.

I hope you are encouraged to start this new day with a positive attitude and if you need help do message me.







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