Trying yoga for the first time #fittergenny

As part of my new passion for getting fitter and healthier, I decided to try try yoga at my local Cygnets Leisure Centre.  I was initially put off when I realised it was from 11,.30am to 1pm, I just could not imagine myself staying still for so long,


Funny start

I was a few minutes late to get to the class as it took me a while to find out where it was in the centre. As I opened the door, I was greeted by everyone already seated on their mats, and I looked around to see where I could sit.   I then hear a  voice saying  “You need to take your trainers off and get yourself a mat. “


Smelly feet

I felt a bit worried as I was no sure if my feet would smell, or whether I had two odd socks on,  Anyhow I did what she said .  Looking at my socks, I smiled as one had a hole in it.


Being distracted

The instructor then went through with us breathing and doing some stretching followed by meditation which I  found difficult as during this quiet period as I found my mind wondering as I was being distracted my noises around and someone’s phone went off!!  The  instructor reminded us all to switch off our phones – and I found myself being told off for trying to go and switch off my phone in the middle of a session


Yoga positions

I did the best I could with the various positions, but at times felt I could not do some fully as I guess it wasn’t really a beginners class and the instructor was trying her best to make sure everyone was ok.



I was so relaxed that at one point I could hear myself snoring.]

My feedback

The session was not bad, but I really did not feel any connection with the instructor , who did not even asked me how I got on as it was my first session. I have   tried other classes and the instructors have always asked new people how they got on.  Their was only one other person who was also new, and she  was quite friendly as I spoke to her after the session. The others seemed ok too though Idid not have time to speak to them.

I think I will try another class with a different instructor and see how I get on



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