Volunteering as a cheerer with Cancer Research #London Marathon

This was my second year of cheering the runners at the London Marathon on behalf of  Cancer Research and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience yet again..

Problems getting to the cheering area

It was a bit of a marathon trying to get from Gravesend Kent to our cheering area at mile 22  in shadwell due to the fact that the trains and underground where packed as their were changes to the routes which caused some confusion for some of us. I must say despite this, most of the other passengers were friendly and in good spirits.


Our shift

On arrival at mile 22, I was quite excited to see fellow cheerers about 10 people, some of whom had been their since early morning. I quickly introduced myself and put on the Cancer Research T-shirt and got my cheering instruments.

Cheering people on

I  must say our team of cheerers were very vocal, We sang songs, we called out the names of the Cancer Research runners and encouraged as many other runners as we could. This is a short video of one of the most funniest moment cheering someone dressed as a tree.

Runners appreciated us cheering

It was such a joy to see the reactions of the runners as we called out their names and encouraged them.


Some pictures I managed to take

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to all  my fellow volunteers and to Cancer Rearch for giving us the opportunity to be part of the London Marathon 2018- looking forward to 2019.


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