Trying the power blast HIT class #fittergenny

Today I decided to try the power blast class which is 30 minutes High Interval  Training with pumping music and audio cues at my local fitness centre


Watching the end of  a HIT session

I arrived very early for the session, and as I watched, I could see mostly young ladies in their skinny gym wear moving energetically to the music as they did the work out.  At this point I started to panic and wanted to change my mind about doing the session as they made me feel very unfit.

Once their session finished, the fitness instructor came to get me to join in the next session. I timidly told her to be gentle with me as I was beginner. She was quite nice, asked me a few health questions and told me to go at my own pace, which made me feel a bit better. I noticed that everyone in the first session, stayed on to do the next session. My thought at this time  “OMG, they must be on some high, how could they do a double session of HIT”?

My thought about the session

As I got into the routine of things, I started to enjoy the session and I did not care that I could not keep up the pace, nor that I could not do some of the moves. What was important to me, was that I did my best and did not give up. I am now looking forward to adding this HIT session as part of my weekly getting fitter routine.



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