Shrink and Inch lifestyle club #fittergenny

As part of my plan for getting fitter and healthier, I decided to attend the Shrink and Inch lifestyle club run at our Outline Health & Fitness to meet other people and learn more about nutrition and health.

I was quite inspired having read this about the club “Shrink an Inch is a healthy lifestyle club which involves a weekly weigh-in and waist measurement and a non-compulsory 20 minutes exercise session. Each week a different topic of nutrition will be covered with information leaflets to take home and there is a question and answer session. If you want to lose weight, then exercise alone is not enough – Shrink an Inch will help you shape up and slim-down.”

My first impression
I arrived at the session a few minutes later, and was greated by a group of ladies of all ages and one man, sitting on chairs in a semi-circle and a large mirror in front. I looked around the room quickly and was happy to note the different sizes of each person which gave me some reassurance.

I met a friend who introduced me to the others and I felt very welcome. I had to complete a medical questionnaire and then got weighed! I believe I was heavier as I had not long eaten some Pizza and chips.

The session was great as the nutritionist gave us some very useful tips on general health , and did a presentation about the usefulness of protein in our diet. I enjoyed the fact that she engaged with us and asked us questions as well as allowing us to raise any concerns or questions we had.

Exercise time
We also had a few minutes of light exercise. This was a bit tricky for me initially as we had to follow an exercise routine, which made me feel as if I had two left feet! On the whole we had a good laugh.


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