Motivated to go to the gym #fittergenny


I am motivated to go to my local outline gym at  Cygnets centre  because there are a wide variety of machines, Highly qualified Fitness Instructors  available at all times to lead members through inductions and fitness programme design and I am determined to get healthier and fitter.


The fitness instructors are very helpful, friendly and show a general interest in helping me achieving my goals. I have benefited from my own personalised fitness programme, which is uploaded into a Pulse Smart Card and also helps me know which machines to use.


Equipment available

The Fitness Suite at Cygnet is built over two floors, it boasts 88 stations including * A stairmaster * Free Runner * Treadmills * Crosstrainers * Upright and recumbent bikes * Rowers * Steppers * Arm bikes * There is a Functional Training area with * Trojan rig * Punch bag * Power bags * Battle Ropes * Kettlebells * Core boards * Vipers * Plyometric benches * Medicine Balls * Dip Station * Pump Set and more. There is a separate Weight Zone with * Free weights (including Dumbbells up to 50kg) * Plate-loaded weight machines*Some equipment is fully accessible for wheelchair users.


10 minutes workouts

I do love the free 10 minutes of intense exercises every hour, which though at the moment are challenging, I enjoy the fact that it makes me work harder.



There is also the MYZONE heart rate tracking which is available around the gym and can also be found on the cardio equipment, in the Aerobic and Group Cycle Studio. Whilst working out, I can check my progress as the details are displayed on the screen.


My daily affirmation



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  1. appliedblogging
    Aug 27, 2018 @ 02:30:20

    You’re awesome. You inspire me!


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