Some tips on getting fitter

Make getting fitter a lifestyle and not a goal or a phase.

Developing good habits of getting fitter and healthier can seem very challenging, but with time, consistency and allowing your body to  adjust naturally,  you will find it becomes easier and almost automatic to stick to these good habits which will help you become fitter and healthier.

Always have in mind all the wonderful benefits of  getting fitter and healthier.

Over time, getting fitter will become easier

Create a regular getting fitter routine and stay consistent with your plan

Make up your own getting fitter  mantras

Create a playlist of songs that will motivate and inspire you as you exercise

Get a getting fitter friend or join a group for mutual encouragement and support.

Choose a getting fitter routine that you will enjoy and suitable to your needs and daily routine. I am making the most of 6 weeks membership at my local gym as it seems to have so many activities that I can choose from.



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