It’s good to give #HappyEaster

One of the things I love to do, is to buy a few things at special times of the year like Easter and give it to people as a free gift just because I have always had the belief that it is always good to give especially to strangers.

I developed this from an early age when I stayed with a family friend, who even though sometimes, things were tough, I always noticed she reached out to help others. I remember times when this lady pretended not to be hungry so that we could eat something.

So today,  my friends and I  had a lovely time at our local Gravesend Borough Market – Story telling, promoting our books, doing Easter Crafts and giving free mini Easter Eggs and smiles to people.  It’s amazing how many people found it hard to believe that we were giving the treats free – one lady even asked if their was an ulterior motive.

We not only  gave out gifts today, we took time out to chat to people as they walked past  wishing them Happy Easter.  Some just ignored us, some  just smiled back and some took the oppotunity to have a chat with us and no matter what response we had, it felt good.

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