My monthly Confidence Award

The idea of the Genny Jones Confidence Club comes from coach Jason Owen of Gravesend Dynamite Wheelchair Rugby.  “The Genny Jones Confidence Award is to be given on a monthly basis for the player that develops greater self belief and confidence during that month.” 

I must say I feel very honoured to be able to make a difference and help individuals develop their inner and outer confidence.

I did have a go at Wheelchair rugby and really enjoyed the team spirit and how everyone was friendly and supportive.

Wheelchair rugby is a fast and furious, physical game with lots of thrills and spills. It is played by disabled and able-bodied players alike, and male and female players can compete side-by-side. If you would like to give it a try yourself, you can contact Gravesend Dynamite via coach Jason Owen on  

Confidence  Award  at your organisation

I would really now like to extend these awards to both children and adults.  I am now planning to work with schools, colleges, universities  community groups etc to give more awards out. To find out more email me  and  with the subject line – confidence award.



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