My 6 weeks journey to become fitter and healthier #FitterGenny

I had been thinking for a while to get back to my keep fit regine as during the winter months, I must admit I have just been eating without much exercise except walking a few minutes to get the train to work and back. So now, I am starting my journey by firstly  developing a positive I can do this attitude.


Six weeks fitness challenge

I decided to take the 6 weeks challenge of getting fitter by making the most of my 6 weeks membership at my local gym at Cygnets Leisure Centre which is part of Gravesham Community Leisure with cetres in Gravesend and Swamscombe  Thanks to Sarah Knight at Gravesham Borough Council who informed me about this opportunity.


I had an appointment to sign up at 6pmwith Sara the membership assistant  and before that I had just finished eating some  not so healthy Pizza. On arrival, the reception staff where very polite and helpful and showed me where to wait to be seen.

Having second thoughts

Whilst waiting, it got me thinking why I wanted to do the 6 weeks challenge, was a getting second thoughts as it seems I was waiting for ages to be seen.  A lady joined me in the waiting area and I go chatting to her. It turned out she had joined the gym but during the winter months, she had not done much and now wanted to join the gym again as she felt that the gym was good value as they had lots of activities that can be done. This gave me hope and helped convince to carry on,


Signing up process

The signing up process was quite straight forward and thorough.  I wasn’t looking my best, but agreed for my picture to be taking for their records. Sara explained about the leisure centre and all the facilities available to me. I decided not to do the tour around as I quite familiar with the centre having accompanied various friends their in the past.  I then arranged an appointment  to meet the fitness instructor so that I can be familiar with the equipment and ask any questions I have.

Reflections after signing up

After signing up, I felt positive and inspired to get on with my 6 weeks fitness challenge. I  was impressed at the number of activities and the services provided especially the MYZONE heart rate tracking which available around the gym and is also compatible with the Spivi system  which offers interactive video classes.

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Affirmations to help me on my journey to become fitter and healtheir.


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