My second children’s book – I can still play football

The aim of my book is to help children like Abu the character in my book to get greater self-esteem and confidence and identify with characters that “look like me” and open them to a  world of possibilities.

Listen to me reading the book –


This is my second book in my “I Can” series of books and is aimed at children aged 5-8 years old.  I am inspired to write the book to help raise funds for a charity Melqosh Mission and it’s founder Faith Okrafo-Smartwho over the last ten years has dedicated her time, energy and effort to give hope to those who have been affected by the war in Sierra Leone, espcially those whose legs, arms and lims where amputated.


The book is about a young boy Abu  who thought he would never be able to play football again with his friends. This was his favourite sport until a car accident crushed his leg. Unfortunately, part of the leg had to be removed. His biggest journey was learning to get along without his leg- he used crutches to help him walk again and that was alright. But he really wanted to play football with his friends again.




The book  costs £4.99 and some of the proceeds will be going to help the charity Melqosh Mission and my Confident Children holiday and half term project.

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“When he’s out there he’s not a child with a disability – he’s just a kid playing footy”  Perth father of two Rob Geersen  Read more:



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