Live in hope

The other day, I was begining to loose hope on my dream  I had two years ago of getting a happy bus so I will be able to run feel good sessions especially to those who feel lonely and isolated, and as a means of bringing communities togther through the sessions I will run.

Initially when I had the idea I was so excited,  I shared the idea with a lot of people and worked very hard on developing a plan for me to make this dream a reality.

I decided to do some crowdfunding to raise funds towards it, but only one person actually donated to it.   I even entred a competition in the hope my idea would win, but in the end i have a lot of publicity and did not win.

One of my mentor’s Jackie Lloyd, loved the idea so much that she gave me a small donation and even bought me a toy replica of a happy bus, which I was ever so grateful for.

After a few weeks and about two years on,  with no sign of me getting money for the bus, i just put the idea aside and lost hope and interest. About a month ago, Jackie realised I had lost hope and encouraged me to keep going as she is sure my dream will becomea reality. After  a few day’s i decided to give it another shot, and I am so glad I did, as right now I have some very promising funders and supporters willing to help me.

So i just want to encourage you not to loose hope on your dreams, keep believing keep trying and get a mentor who will support and encourage you.  Be around people who are achiving and avoid negative people who will kill your dreams.




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