It was just a horrible day!

My day started with my usual level of positivity and good vibes.


I went to the post office, but had to go back home as I had left my ID.

I then went to buy my weekly ticket and my debit card did not work. I tried to sort it our over the phone, but my mobile phone was dead but thankfully a young man made me use his phone and I eventually sorted things out.



I eventually got on the train, slept all the way and as I was getting off a lady was shouting at me, as she noticed I had left my glasses.


I eventually got to work feeling a bit exhausted, and for a treat I decided to get some cooked lunch from one of the many places I usually go to. I really enjoyed the food. I  went home that night and felt so ill, that i was vomiting all over the place.  I could not sleep as  I had bad stomach cramps.  The following day I managed to attend a quick meeting and rushed back home still feeling unwell.

On the positive side, I managed to have  some rest for two days.!





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