Answered prayer

Last Thursday evening, I lost my weekly travel card and spent time retracing my steps and searching for it but could not find it.


The following day Friday 13th, I went to the station and no one had handed  my ticket in.   As it was a weekly ticket the ticket person said it could not be replaced.  I had to just buy a day return for that day.

As I went on the train, I saw my friend Kathleen and explained what had happened and how gutted I felt as the ticket cost a lot. She told me that when she has lost things in the past, she would pray and just believe it would be found. So we prayed.

I spent the weekend looking again for the ticket but still couldn’t find it. I  went to the station on  Monday and explained my plight to the ticket person, he told me to go to the other platform and ask,  I was a bit reluctant as previously as his colleague had said my ticket was not their.

Anyhow I went to the other side and explained again what had happened, the ticket person asked my name and woohoo boom boom – my ticket had been found and handed him. I was so excited  I was screaming excitedly  to the amusement of the other commuters queuing up. #AnsweredPrayer



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