Spreading smiles on #WorldSmileDay

I woke up on world smile day Friday 6th October feeling positve and in a good mood ready to spread smiles to as many people as I could.

Things I did

  1. Smiling at  everyone I met on the road  whilst walking to the bus stop

2. On the bus I announced to the driver and some of the passengers that it was World Smile Day and this started the conversation about what makes you smile. I really enjoyed this, and as i left the bus i just said in aloud voice so everyone could hear  – Have a nice day – May the smile be with you – someone replied – and always with you. This made me smile.

3.Got some  ladies on the train to help me make my world smile day banner

4.  Enjoyed a chat and a hot drink with a friend

5. Talking  to people about world smile day and pictures of people smiling in the town centre where I live. #LoveGravesend


I hope you always have a a reason to smile

Genny Jones AKA Confident Queen



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