Gravesham Laughter Championships

So you think you can laugh? Why not come and help us give people a reason to laugh and just enjoy life!

Check this to give you some ideas of what you could be doing

About Laughter Championships

Laughologist Albert Nerenberg got the idea for laughing contests watching fights confront each other in the Ultimate Fighting Championships. Before attacking each other during stare downs MMA fighters often crack up and laugh.

“If human confrontation creates violence, it also creates laughter, and no one has ever explored the laughter side,” he said.


Laughing contests are a highly entertaining new international trend where people with highly contagious laughs compete by provoking the audience to greater fits of laughter. While the 1st laughing championships took place in Montreal, Canada in 2011, there have now been laughing championships in the UK, France, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Japan.


To enter please  email genny @ with your:-

Name, Age, Email address, Mobile Contact number and category you would be competing in ( you can enter more than one category)




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