5 places to find Mr Single #ValentinesDay

I am prompted to write this blog as my friend the other day was a bit fed up with being single and wanted help to know where men over 40 go. I did a bit of research and this is what I came up with. I have not mentioned using dating sites as I have no experience of that and also I have had a lot of stories that put me off them.  Remember though, don’t chase the wrong love, love will find you way when you least expect it!


Though going to a funeral is such a sad occasion, it is also an opportunity to meet with friends you may not have seen for ages and perhaps reconnect especially at the reception when everyone is a bit more relaxed.

Single Man at the Local Supermarket

Look around the supermarket and Mr Single can be seen buying a meal for one and a bottle of wine anytime after 8pm

Single Man at the GYM

Mr single goes to the GYM about 8pm and stays their for about two hours so that he can be so exhausted, and can go straight to sleep when he gets home.

Single man at the DIY Store

Mr single is using this day to do some DIY, so he will be in the DIY store from about 6pm getting the stuff he thinks he needs, just to keep his mind of things.


My Single is looking smart and smelling of after shave and goes to the pub with his single friend gain at about 8pm  hoping that  by chance Ms Single will be their with her single friends!

Please feel free to share your own tips and if you do meet someone, let me know!

Remember though, don’t chase the wrong love, love will find you way when you least expect it!



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