I’m not going to take it any more day!

notgoingtotakeitanymoreRight now, their might be things happening in your life which you are tolerating and all it’s doing is causing your stress and  unhappiness.  Well today is one day for you to sit around and try to  do something about it and if you can’t find someone who may have gone through similar experience and can help, support and encourage you.


Few questions that could help

What is it that you are tolerating?

How have  you tried to deal with it in the past?

Why do you think what you tried in the past did not work?

What new thing can you try to do  to change this?

Where can you get help to deal with this?

Who do you know that has gone though this same issue that may be able to help you?

How would you feel once you have sorted this out?

Hope this has  helped in some way, you deserve a good life, so go on and do what you know you have to do! Be Confident!


Please feel free to email me – genny@confidentqueen.co.uk and let me know how I could help you with this at no cost to you!





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