Being shortlisted for the Outstanding Achievements Award 2016

I am quite honoured and grateful to have been shortlisted for the Outstanding Achievements Award 2016 by The Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers & Consultants. Here is the link should you wish to vote for me thank you.  I have been shortlisted for Outstanding Achievements Award 2016 by The APCT pls click to vote for me thanks


“Genny  AKA Confident Queen, is an amazing, trainer, life coach an inspirational speaker who continues to go out of her way to help others maxise their potential.

She coaches and train in accouting, confidence building and happiness in Univerities, Schools, Businesses and Charitable organisations.

This year she became the author of two books – One Called I can blow a balloon which aims to encourage children to develop their confidence to try ad do things. She then uses this as a basis to coach children in schools and on a one to one basis.

She then wrote another book Crown of smiles where she shares some of the major challenges she has overcame in life and then gives tips on how people can regain their smile. Over the year she has been going to schools to help children and young people to develop their confidence to make their career choices.

She also still manages to spend time helping various charities and mentoring young people. She is an amazing lady who deserves to be recognised for her dedication, hard work and commitment.

She created the One Minute Smilence – which is all about encourging people to take a minute out of their busy schedule to think happy thoughts or recall happy moments whislt smiling for a minute as a way of relieving stress.”



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