Confident Queen tips for reducing the stress of being a self employed single parent


As a single parent of 2 wonderful children, I decided to work for myself so that I can have the flexibility of being able to take my children to school, attend some of their activities, as well as having time to do other things I love.

The main areas of stress I face at times are:-

1.Juggling doing paid work when my children have important activities in school and feeling guilty for not being able to be their.

2.Times when there is actually no work

3.Not able to meet my day to day expenditure because clients are not paying on time

4. When I feel unwell, and can’t work

Here are some tips on how I try to cope – please feel free to share yours too

Life is about finding balance and not trying to prove to anyone that you are super woman/man and also have the confidence to ask for help/

1.It can be challenging to juggle you business and personal time, but try to focus on what is priority and then organise your time round that as well as having some “Me time”

2.As much as we would like to be at all our children’s activities, we need to explain to them in advance why we cannot be their at times;

3.Try not to rely on one source of income by coming up with creative and innovative ways to develop your products or service/

4.Plan for unforeseen circumstances such as illness, clients not paying on time etc

5.Have a good network of parents/family/friends who can help you with child care as well as planning to pay someone to do this for you if necessary.

6.You can’t do it all, save time by using sites like fiverr to get some basic stuff done at a reasonable price. Discover Fiverr:

7.Be on top of your invoicing, making sure your clients adhere to your credit terms.

8.Monitor your cashflow on a regular basis

9.Start and finish your day with some form of meditation and relaxation. If you feel you are too busy, just try the One Minute Smilence – which is about taking time to think happy thoughts whilst smiling for a minute.


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