September my month of change (Day1) #Newmonth #New Attitude

As we start a new month, it is alwasys good to take time out to review where you are now in your life,  where you want to be and how you are going to get thier! So why not get a piece of paper and do just that!

Take a few minutes to review your life


Develop a positive attitude

In trying to achieve what we want to in life, we need to develop a positive mindset which says ” I can do this”


30 days Challenge

If you are really serious about making changes to your life, I suggest for the next 30 days you join me, and  focus on what you want to really achive in life, and then plan the necessry actions you are going to take to do that.

What you need – Note book and pen

On the front cover of you book write – I can

First thing each morning ( or you can choose a time which is better for you)

  1. Try and develop a mental picture of how you want your life to be. Visualise your ideal life in detail
  2. Write down at least 7  things you want to acheive in life.
  3. Write down at least 7 things you will do that will move you towards achiving your goals as well as how you would feel when you have done them
  4. Write down 7 positive affirmations relating to what you want to achieve, then record you saying them aloud on your phone, then listen to them to help start your day with positivity!

Before you go to bed each night.

Review the 7 things you said you were going to do and make note of whether you did it or not ( if you found you have not done some of the things, do not be dissapointed, just add to the list for the next day)

Add some more positive affirmations to your list, record you saying them on your phone and then listen to them before you go to bed each night.


Each day it would be good for you to share your experiences and let me know how you rea getting on! Tomorrow I will be sharing with you!




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