My double entry life – Being an Accounting Consultant and Happiness Coach

The best of both worlds 

I get asked so many times how I can be an Accountant and a Happiness Coach. I guess people have the impression that accountants are boring and dull. I certainly am not and know of many happy accountants. When I deliver my accounting courses, I always feel that sense of achievement when I get feedback that I make what can be a dull subject interesting and delegates feel more confident after.

Since I left school. I have always worked in the accountancy profession which I really love. My love for accountancy started in college having been encouraged and inspired by one of my tutors. It is a joy for me when a client brings a plastic bag of invoices and other documents which after a few days of sorting would end up being an excellent work of accounting art – the final accounts. A lot of my friends and colleagues do comment that I am not a typical accountant – for example I always love wearing bright colours and creating fun songs which helps me to remember various accountancy principles. Nowadays I mostly focus on 3 days training people how to install and use computerised accounts and payroll software and spend my other days, evenings and some weekends as a happiness coach  spreading happiness and good vibes.


Copy of Accountant



  “In accounting there is the concept of the duality of transactions, which Genny applies in life. On one hand she has the serious professional head of an accountant, and on the other hand she  has created a  bubbly persona ‘Confident Queen’ with a mission to share joy and happiness, which she was able to do when she appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and wowed the audience and judges who gave her “Yeses”  SMBN 


As a happiness coach and wellbeing consultant,  I want to help give hope and encouragement to others in a world which at times can be full of so much negativity. Having gone through  and recovered from some periods of anxiety, depression and stress, I decided in 2009 to really focus on helping myself and others to be happier. Check out the clip below of my nomination for the Pride of Britain Awards for the work I do in spreading happiness through the Happiness Project Kent which I set up.


It can be disheartening at times when you wake up in the morning, put on the news and hear about so many bad things happening in the world, and you wish that people should just try and love, care and support each other. Despite this, we must try not to loose hope.  Even when we are going  through challenges we must know their is a way out, the situation will pass and life goes on.623150

How I spread happiness

  1. Doing little random acts of kindness for at least one person a day
  2. Giving out smiley stickers to people as I go about my daily activities
  3. Take my mobile happiness activity craft  and selfie booth to events
  4. Speaking at events on happiness and positivity
  5. MC at events
  6. Performing my happy dance and getting people to join me
  7. Writing blogs and books –
  8. Delivering Happiness and Well-being activity sessions for all ages

My tools to help you feel good!

  • Free happiness and good vibes skype/zoom session with me
  • One Minute Smilence – think happy thoughts and smile for a minute
  • WooHoo BoomBoom song and dance
  • Collection of my funny songs
  • Escape to Happiness Island meditation, arts and craft session
  • Crown of Smiles – my self improvement  practical guide to happiness and wellbeing
  • Gift of Happiness box with items to help lift your mood
  • Mobile happy accessories  and craft activities for  events
  • Mobile laughter club

For more details email me genny @


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