Congratulations for completing day 7 of 7 days #HappinessChallenge

Congratulations for completing this 7 days happiness challenge which I hope has left you feeling a bit happier as well as helping others to feel the same. Later on today I shall post details of how to get your certificae of completion and some goodies!

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Next steps

What I would like you to do now,  is to consciously everyday, make sure you have a happiness  routine which you can follow so that it because automatic for you to follow each day. Here is an example I discovered  You now need to spend time to create your own. Do let me know how you get on and please feel free to send me your version!


Final Happiness tips!


Develop your happiness routines which you can use to:

Start your day – Fuel your day with positivity and good vibes

Middle of the day  – Boost your mood in the afternoon

End of the day – Review your day, then focus on the positive before you fall asleep



Practise self care

Take time out each day to do something for yourself, because your life matters


3.Some ways you could help others to be happier:-

Share a smile

Encourage someone with kind words

Hug someone and let them know they are not alone

Listen to someone without being judgemental


Gift of a Smile  Box

You can make your own box and  put in it items that can help boost your mood.  Keep the box in a place where you can see it everyday so that each day you can take  a few minutes  out of your busy schedule to write down moments in your  life that made you smile.  When you have moments when you are  feeling a bit challenged you can remind yourself that no matter how challenging your life may be their is always, reasons to smile! I have a larger box at home and a smaller one which I leave in my handbag – it has positive affirmations, bouncy ball to remember to bounce back in life,  small mirror I can look at to remind me I am Unique and special.

Here are some examples of Smile Boxes

Please emal me and let me know how you have found this week!

Check out my lates book – with some of the proceeds towards my mission of spreading Happinesss and Joy to as many people as I can!

Crown of Smiles


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