Create your happy place – Happiness Challenge day 5 of 7


Thanks for being part of this 7 days challenge as we try and create our own inner and happiness as well as doing something to make others feel good and at least have a reason to smile each day.

Creating your happy place

Life can sometimes be so busy and overwhelming, that we  need to just escape to a place where we can regain our energy and zest for life.

When I am feeling a bit low, I have different places I can go to,  as I believe that  just changing your environment can help you to feel much better. Your happy place can be a physical place or you could use your imagination and visualise being in your happy place where you experiencing fun and laughter.

My Happy Outdoor place

Our Local Promenade –  When I go to our local promenade, I feel very relaxed as I can sit down, watch the boats go by and as I watch the river,  I spend time imagine myself on a boat going on a cruise to different parts of the world where I meet new people, have new experiences and just have fun. I can also feed the ducks, and make new friends as most times people will just come and sit next to me and start to chat.

I love spending time meditating by focusing on the waterfall and taking in the sounds it makes, as this helps to clear my mind,


Over to you now – Where is your place?

Remember its a place you can go to chill out, change your environment and zap up some energy, enthusiasm and passion for life.

Your happy place can be:-

  1. A small area in your bedroom
  2. In your garden
  3. In your car
  4. In your imagination where you just visualise being in your own happy Island – check my blog


 Here is another blog to read on the same topic

Wishing you  a  peaceful day – May the smile be with you and do let me know how you get on. You can even post picture of your place . 


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  1. Ordinary_Madness
    Jul 15, 2016 @ 07:58:44

    Never come back from there! Nah thats impossible


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