Happiness Challenge end of Day 1 #happinesschallenge1

Thanks for joining us on the 7 day happiness challenge. I hope you have had a great day! Today has really been about making sure we start our day fuelled with good vibes.


My day!

I was happy till about 3.15 when I went to collect my friend’s daughter and was blocked in the car park for 15 minutes and was late to pick up my son. Coming home under the rain, another driver nearly drove into me coming from a side road! On a happier note, I was able to deliver a copy of my book to lovely lady and seeing her family made me smile!


Review your day at least 15 minutes before you go to bed:-

Review  and write down of you wish, the challenges if any that you had today and how you overcame them.

Recall  and write down if you wish moments that made you smile.

Write down all the things you hope to complete tomorrow and visualise yourself completing them.

Put some relaxing music on so that you can fall into a peaceful sleep ( search youtube for some free mediation videos.

These are my ideas please feel free to create your own good bed time routines.


Remember to  plan to wake up a bit earlier and try and do some of these activities  which can help you to be happier!



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