Start your day fuelled with good vibes!



We all need to be mindful of all the bad news we wake up to each day all around us and try not to let in get us down to such an extent that we live in a world of fear, anxiety and stress.

It all starts by having the determination that we are going to choose to be happier by accepting  that when things happen beyond our control we can in time, choose to accept, adapt, ask for help so that we can start to rebuild our lives.


Start your day fuelled with good vibes!

When you wake up in the morning, stay in bed for a few minutes and slowly breath in and out for a few minutes. Listen to the early morning sounds around you. Then say    “Thank God it’s  Monday, I am going to make the most of the day by being happy, positive and sharing a smile with others”



Get up and walk around your home and  start saying out loud all the things you are grateful for. For example be grateful for all you have, life, family, roof over your head, electric, heating, food, etc



Stand still – Think happy thoughts whilst smiling for a minute (One Minute Smilence)



Sing – Wake up and feel happy boom boom, I feel like dancing around boom boom boom ( now start dancing like no one’s watching)


Stand in front of a mirror— Make some funny faces and Laugh till you can’t laugh any more!!



As you go out, be prepared to share  your smiles with as many people as you can.


My self help book Crown of Smiles

If you want to continue your journey on making July a happier month, then why not get a copy of my book “Crown of Smiles” practical tips and tasks for you to complete which will help you have every day good vibes and many reasons to smile.



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