Things happen for a reason!



Yesterday I was so excited as I received a small refund from my utility company. When I spoke to one of their employees over the phone, he said I could even take the cheque to a specific bank and so long as I had my passport and some bills to confirm my identity I would be able to cash the cheque.


Excitedly, that morning I went to the bank and presented the cheque and my documents, the cashier asked if I had an account with them, I said no, and then to my utter astonishment, she said I couldn’t cash the cheque and had to pay it into my own bank account. I was so angry and showed her the letter which stated I could cash the cheque, but she still insisted I could not cash the cheque. As I walked out disappointed, I wondered if I should have just told her a lie that I did not have a bank account! But honesty is the best policy.

I then went to my own bank account and explained what had happened; and the cashier said to me that the utility company should not have told me that. Anyway I paid the cheque in. I was hoping to use the cashed cheque to pay my travel expenses to go to work. So now I had to walk all the way back home to get some cash.


On my way home, my son sent me a message that he had left his key at home and wanted me to leave the spare key for him. Even though I was a bit annoyed at having to walk back home I was grateful, as it meant I could leave the key for him.


As I continued walking, I caught up with a lady who was walking in front of me, and just started chatting to her.  During our conversation she  explained that she wanted to start jogging but did not have someone to do this with. As I was in the same position, we exchanged numbers and agreed to become jogging buddies. We then discovered we lived 5 minutes from each other!


As we parted company, I met one of my neighbours and we started talking about healthy eating and she gave me some great tips.


As I reached home, I felt a lot better, and grateful that although the bank did not cash my cheque, me walking back home gave me the opportunity to connect with others in a positive way.


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