Confidence to start your business, social enterprise or project

Confidence to start your business, social enterprise or project


Since 2009, I have been involved of setting up and running various businesses using different legal structures from sole trader, limited company and social enterprises

I have learnt so much over the years, and the journey at times had been very tough, especially on the financial front and trying to balance running the business and raising two children on my own as well as doing my charitable activities to help others and make a difference.

 It is possible to set up and run a successful business or project with the right mindset, determination, dedication and support of others. Over the last few years, I have helped so many people develop their ideas and turn it into a business, charity or social enterprise and still offer them regular support and update. I myself have my own mentor and coaches who help and support me.


Some key things to consider

  1. Mindset – Develop a positive and success mindset. “ I can do this”
  2. Work Ethics – Be prepared to work smarter
  3. Know your competitors – Study what others running a similar business are doing
  4. Destiny helpers – Build a team of support to encourage, motivate and empower you, ( business coach, mentor, staff team etc)
  5. Attend networks – Connect with like minded people
  6. Rollercoaster – Be prepared to cope with the rough times and good times
  7. Know your customers – Before people use your services they need to know you, and trust you, Focus on the benefits your services will give your customers Consider how you want your customers to feel before, during and after using your services.
  8. You are worth it – Put value on ther services your offer and don’t be afraid to charge
  9. Try to have at least 3 months worth of money saved to cover your personal expenses.
  10. Work life balance – Time for work, family time, me time, friends time and rest



For free 30 minutes Confidence in business consultation

Please email me

Skype – confidentqueengenny




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