How to put on your Crown of Confidence #IWD2016 #CrownofConfidence


As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it is also a day for us women to get up, be thankful for who we are, and celebrate the fact that we are all unique and special.

Your Crown of Confidence can be an imaginary crown, or you could make or purchase a real crown.


How to put on your Crown of Confidence

Imagine or put your actual crown on your head. As you do this, imagine their is  a jar of Confidence Oil  running down from the top of your head, through all the parts of your body, tingling down to the sole of your feet. You then look in the mirror if you have one, Smile back at your reflection, breathe in and out, and say out loud ” I am Unique, Special, and have the confidence to achieve my goals and be the best I can!  Believe It, Imagine it, and with shoulders back, head high walk around a few minutes, like the Confidence Queen you are!

Pledge for parity  by visiting and making your pledge at

Pledge to Help women and girls achieve their ambitions

Pledge to Challenge conscious and unconscious bias

Pledge to Call for gender-balanced leadership

Pledge to Value women and men’s contributions equally

Pledge to Create inclusive, flexible cultures









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