Interview with New Author – Jade Freeman #worldbookday

Author Profile

Jade Freeman


 Bio: I am from Cape Town, South Africa. I’ve been working as a Nursery Nurse for the past 6 years in Gravesend. I have always loved working with children, as well as, writing, so I’m just combining two of my gifts. Imam a born again Christian, and I believe that children are a gift from God.


Author’s inspiration: I love working with children and I am constantly reading books to them. I find that I am always being brought the same books to read, while the children tend to steer clear of the longwinded, boring books. I’ve been writing stories and songs since I was a child; writing for children was just a natural progression. Since the births of my nieces and nephew, I have been drawing childlike inspiration from everything around me, as I’ve started to see the world through the eyes of a child. I love to write, and I want to be able to encourage others to use their imaginations and be creative in every way possible.


How I get inspiration for my book:

 I work with children, so I am always inspired by how they play, as well as, what they play with.


Type of book:

 I am currently working on a children’s series, which is mainly aimed at 3-5 year olds.


My message:

 I want to teach children the scruples that they need in order to survive in this crazy world. My first book is called: “Lula learns to share. ” My series is called:”Perpetua, the Pirate Princess, and her Adventures Aboard the Friend Ship.”


I am making the final touches to my book before I find a Literary Agent and Publisher, but my book should be published sometime this year. Please see my Facebook page (Jade Freeman – Author) for more details.Thank you for this opportunity to share my up and coming book.

Jade on twitter @CaeraNoelle


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