How to look in the mirror and smile back

 Welcome to  Day  27 of Crown of Smiles –  Look in the mirror and smile

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s blog and that you are keeping up with the daily tasks! It would be great if you could write any ideas or comments you have.



Their was a time I could not look in the mirror and smile!                                                                                            

I remember in 2003 after I  got my divorce, one of the things I did was to take all the mirrors down, and throw them away and kept just one small one, as I could not stand the sight of myself.   I felt like a loser. I started to hear the words  of my ex ” You are no good”! ” No one will want you”  ” I have had women better than you”. It was really painful at times, as these words started to drag me down,  I started to have nightmares and even though I was waking up and doing things, I was running my life on auto pilot as I had my two toddlers and need to look after them.

As I started getting help and support, I slowly began to reprogram my mind.  I remember my pastor in my church  saying to me – remember your ex is just one person who thinks that way, God loves you and he created you to be a somebody, unique and special.

One day I remember driving around and saw a very large mirror displayed for sale. I actually got out of my car and went to buy the mirror. I remember the excitement as I drove home that day. As soon as I got home, I put the mirror right outside my bedroom door, so that every morning when I woke up I would look at it, smile and say ” I am unique, special and happy to be me”!!


Your turn now

As you are reading this, I really want you to look in the mirror each day and just smile back. If you find this hard to do and need help just email me and lets have a free Skype or telephone chat and see how I can truly help you to look in the mirror and smile back!

Remember that each day you have to get into the habit of taking at least 15 minutes to :-

  • Put on your Crown of Smiles – either a real one you have made or an imaginary one
  • Spending  5 minutes for your Smilence Moments each day – which includes writing down all the things that made you smile the day before
  • Put all your smilence moments in your box of Smilence  and put it in a prominent place or take it around you as a way to boost your Smilence level
  • Writing down what you are grateful for and why
  • Writing  down all the things you are thankful for and why
  • Do something good to make at least one person smile
  • Look in the mirror and smile

Till tomorrow – try to keep smiling, keep having a positive attitude and keep expecting good things to happen to you.  May the Smile be with you!


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  1. Mel Rivera
    Oct 17, 2022 @ 07:03:43

    Awesome blogg you have here


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