Put on your Crown of Smiles (Day 24) Smile, because you have time to do things!


 Welcome to  Day  24 of Crown of Smiles – Smile because you have time to do things

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s blog and that you are keeping up with the daily tasks! It would be great if you could write any ideas or comments you have.


Remember that each day you have to get into the habit of taking at least 15 minutes to :-

  • Put on your Crown of Smiles – either a real one you have made or an imaginary one
  • Spending  5 minutes for your Smilence Moments each day – which includes writing down all the things that made you smile the day before
  • Put all your smilence moments in your box of Smilence  and put it in a prominent place or take it around you as a way to boost your Smilence level
  • Writing down what you are grateful for and why
  • Writing  down all the things you are thankful for and why
  • Do something good to make at least one person smile


Managing our time is one of the keys to a happier life.  If we don’t manage it effectively, we can find ourselves saying “ I have so much to do, but there is not enough time”, and   if we keep saying this on a regular basis, it goes to our subconscious and this become our reality.   For me, managing my time involves clearing away space in my life to make time for people, play, and rest . Really, even if you feel that there are not enough hours in a day for everything you’d like to do, with prioritising, rearranging and re-imagining you can find time to do what really matters for today!


How to start managing our time

Managing your time, starts off by prioritising what’s important in your life right now and then making sure each day you spend time on them.


Some tips to help you manage your time so you have time to smile!

  1. Decide each day what your prioritise for the day are
  2. Make a list of things you have to complete that matches your priorities
  3. Try to do things when you are more energised
  4. Give yourself a time goal for completing each task
  5. Don’t feel you have to be busy all the time; it’s ok to have periods when you just sit down and do nothing.
  6. Concentrate on what you are doing. First complete that task that you have already started, and then move on to the next task.
  7. Keep distractions like iPads, checking email, going on social media and your mobile phones away from you when you have a task to complete.
  8. Don’t “spread yourself too thin” by overwhelming your day with an unrealistic schedule that would be difficult to accomplish.
  9. Learn to say no, not now without feeling guilty
  10. Give your self time before you say yes to the next appointment
  11. Plan time for yourself to rest and have fun in your diary
  12. Don’t feel you have to do it all, if you have a family make sure everyone has something to do, and don’t get upset if they don’t do things the way you would do it!



Task for today

Make a list of what you have to complete today and why

Then tomorrow, write down everything you did the day before.

Now check and see how the things you did matched your priorities

Keep doing this for a week, and by the end of the first week, you should then be able to plan a daily, weekly schedule that matches your prioritise.



Till tomorrow – try to keep smiling, keep having a positive attitude and keep expecting good things to happen to you.  May the Smile be with you!


My book – Crown of Smiles – Publishing date 20th March. You can pre-order at genny@confidentqueen.co.uk  Cost £7.99 inclusive of UK postage.

Please contact for international orders.crownofsmiles2






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