Put on your Crown of Smiles (Day 13) Smile because you are loved #valentinesday

 Welcome to the 13th Day of Crown of Smiles – You are Loved

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s blog

Remember that each day you have to get into the habit of:-

  • Putting on your Crown of Smiles
  • Spend 5 minutes for your Smilence Moments each day – which includes writing down all the things that made you smile
  • Put your box of Smilence in a prominent place or take it around you as a way to boost your Smilence level


Today’s Task – You are loved

As this  Sunday is Valentine’s day, I just wanted you to know you are truly loved even if you don’t have someone to celebrate it with.


If you have a Valentine

Take time to show your valentine, that you care, that they matter and recall some of the happy moments you have shared. Even if you don’t have money to buy expensive presents, remember it is someone’s presence not present that matters.  Showing someone you love them is not just for valentine’s day, it should be an every day thing, so go on make the most of the day and have a lovely valentine.


If you don’t have a Valentine

You may be feeling unloved just because you don’t  have a valentine, but try not to feel too down, here are a few things you could try.

  1. Go out for a meal with a few of your single friends and just enjoy the love of having friends
  2. Go to the shop and get yourself a card that you would have wanted to receive, write in it and post it through your letter box on Saturday night, so when you wake up on Sunday Valentine’s day you can open and read it.
  3. Take time to pamper yourself  by having a relaxing bath, eat your favourite food, put on your favourite songs and have party for one
  4. Escape to Happiness Island – if you truly hoping for a valentine next year, spend some time using your imagination escaping to  a place called happiness Island and imagine you are their with that special valentine,  imagine what your valentine looks like, how they would smell, what they  are wearing, and recall the things you would be doing, how you will be feeling etc
  5. After you have spent time in Happiness Island, just quieten your mind and focus on the fact that you are loved! –





My book – Crown of Smiles – Publishing date 20th Marchcrownofsmiles2






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