5 places to find a single man on valentines day #valentinesday

5  places to find a single man on valentines day

Copy of Sunday Rule (1)

Local Gym/Sports centre – if he is still in the gym/sports centre just before they are due to close, good sign that he is trying to hide the fact that he is single and is pumping his sorrows away.

Local Supermarket – about 3pm just before the supermarket closes on Sunday or you could go on Saturday night. This is when single man realises he his going to be alone, and you can spot him with a shopping basket and watch him go to the ready made meals for one, a small bottle of wine, and a large packet of sweets.

At work –  Single man decides to work overtime another way to disguise he has not got a date.

At the pub – single man decides to go to the pub and drown his sorrows – so before he gets to the stage of being drunk, you have the opportunity to be confident and make some small talk.

At Church – Couples on sunday will sit together all loved up.  Single man would be on his own looking around after church trying to see if he too can spot a single woman!

Good luck, but remember its ok to enjoy being single on valentines day doing the things you love and taking care of you!



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