When Dad can’t even afford to buy you an Ice Cream!


A while back ago, I was speaking to my friend about life in general and some of the challenges we have faced and the lessons learnt. My friend Sam then said to me that one of the most challenging times was when at the age 0f 45 he lost his job, and he then decided to set up his own business which despite all his experiences and plans for the business to be a success, the business was a disaster which also left him with huge debts that he could not handle. That and so many other challenges lead to him leaving his wife and two children as he felt he could not be the father and husband he had been when he had a job.


Sam said that one of the things he continued to do was to take the children to spend some time with him when he could.


On a lovely sunny Saturday he took both children to the park, and they where all having fun just playing about. All of a sudden they could hear the sound of the Ice Cream van, and saw some of the children and the parents running to get some ice cream.   The two children looked at him excitedly as they too wanted an ice cream, Sam felt sad as he remembered he had no money to buy the ice cream. He told the kids that he was sorry but he had no money to get them the ice cream.


One of the children started to cry and shout as all he wanted was the ice cream. Getting a bit embarrassed as people started to look at them, Sam then took his son up so that they could get into his car and go back home. In the car the children where crying and one even said to him “ I hate you dad, why cant you get me an ice cream”? Sam wanted to cry, but just drove the children back to their mother.   Sam then drove off a few yards and just started to cry as he felt useless and hopeless that he could not even afford to buy an Ice Cream for his two children.


As Sam recalled this incident to me he started to cry and I could only but hug him and say “ Yes it must have been bad, but look at you five years on, things have changed for the better, and you can now buy your children an Ice Cream”,



Since then, one of my aim is to get an Ice Cream Van so that during the summer months I can drive around especially to deprive areas to deliver free Ice Cream and Gift of smile boxes to cheer people up!



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