Put on your Crown of Smiles (Day 3) What’s taking your smile away?


  • Welcome to the 3rd Day of Crown of Smiles

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s blog

Remember that each day you have to get into the habit of:-

  • Putting on your Crown of Smiles
  • Spend 5 minutes for your Smilence Moments each day
  • Put your box of Smilence in a prominent place or take it around you as a way to boost your Smilence level


Today’s Task ( Day 3)  What’s taking your smiles away?

I will use the example of a lady called Joe who contacted me as she was feeling very frustrated and isolated


What people, issues, situations are taking your smile away?

Joe’s issue –   She is 58, unemployed, has no close family or friends and feels isolated

Are they beyond your control?

Well Joe feels that being 58 is beyond her control and she can’t change this and has to live with it

Being Unemployed she feels is beyond her control as she has applied for so many jobs and is frustrated at all the rejections which she feels is due to her age even though she has year’s of experiences.

Not having a job, Joe does spend a lot of time at home on her own and feels everyone else is having a good time and she does not feel like bothering people.


What can you do about it?

Joes got so frustrated that in the end she decided to talk to someone about it and get help. Having discussed the situation we came with this plan together.

She got help to re write her CV

She contacted the local volunteer bureau for some voluntary work

She decided to go for early morning walks to hep clear her mind and also meet people


What has happened now!

Joe has now found voluntary work, she feels less frustrated, has made some new friends, and is even now thinking of setting up her own small business based on all her years of working experience.


Over to you now

So today’s task is for you to spend time looking at the things that are taking your smiles away and then try and find solutions to them.   Remember that you are not alone, don’t suffer in silence and if you need help please  feel free to email me genny@confidentqueen.co.uk and lets see how together I can help you to put on your Crown of Smiles each day!





Crown of Smiles is about helping us to develop  our self belief, and recognising the fact that from adversity can come creativity, confidence and clarity. For this month of February, I hope you can join me as we spend each day doing simple things that will help us have reasons to smile each day. I want you to truly love yourself, accept yourself, and believe that you DESERVE to and can  live the  life of your dreams.

For this month of February, I would like you to take  5 minutes each day to complete the following:- ( You can do this first thing in the morning, mid day and last thing before you go to bed at night) It is best if you get  book to write things down for the next 29 days!


My book – Crown of Smiles – Publishing date 20th Marchcrownofsmiles2





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