Do the “One Minute Smilence” and feel good in an instant

What is the One Minute Smilence?

The One Minute Smilence was created by me  Genny Jones AKA Confident Queen  to encourage you to take at least a minute each day to Stop,  think happy thoughts whilst smiling for a minute.




What you need to do your One Minute Smilence at home/work/etc
* A quiet place where you can sit
* A note pad or plain paper, pen and coloured pencils
* Images of people or experiences that make you smile eg holiday snaps


How to do your One Minute Smilence

You can do this anywhere that you can move around.

You will need your phone or clock to time yourself

You may need some images on your phone to recall happy moments





Remember to take time out on a regular basis to do your One Minute Smilence

You can also take a Smilefie and post on twitter using #oneminutesmilence


facts of smiling


For more tips on smiling every day – check out my book Crown of Smiles £4.99 for the hard copy or £0.99 for the kindle version – email me


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