Fun at work day – 29th January #FunAtWorkDay

Fun At Work Day is all about enjoying yourself; dress up silly, partake in office-based mischief, or just crank the music up loud while you work!


Take a 15 minutes break from your work and during that time you can do:-

One Minute Smilence – This is where you think happy thoughts whilst smiling for a minute

Gratitude – Write down all the positive things having a job allows you to do.

Thankful –  Write down all the things that your are thankful for in your life

Escape to Happiness Island – This is where you can spend 5 minutes just day dreaming that you are in a happy Island and you are experiencing all the things you have every wanted to.

Positive Affirmations – Get different coloured paper and write some positive affirmations which you can put in a small box, and refer to them at regular times to motivate and inspire you


Have fun and book me to come in and deliver my Happiness Lunch Hour at work



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