Crown of Smiles – my soon to be published book #bluemonday

Crown of Smiles reminds us all how, with self belief, from adversity can come creativity, confidence and clarity. Genny Jones (aka Confident Queen) brings her personal brand of humour and honesty to this inspirational little book about a very personal journey she has been on. If any of you have known or met Genny Jones (aka Confident Queen) , you’re probably smiling right now because she always brings a smile to your face ……………..and this little book will do the same. Go on take a peek…… Read it ……You won’t be disappointed.

Everyday in my line of work as a psychologist, I am reminded that for ALL of us, Life is full of moments touched by Success, Smiles, Sadness and Struggle; with each of us responding differently when faced with experiences. Here is an accessible and inspirational little book, simply written, clearly from the heart, about the importance of self belief, hope and the courage to “turn things around.” N. Singh (psychologist)


Congratulations Genny. I celebrate your courage and salute you for your bravery . Thank you for sharing ” Your Crown of Smiles” with us all.   N. Singh (psychologist)

To sign up for a copy of the book, please complete the attached – publication due on 20th March


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