Confident Queen outfit and song

Extract from my book I can blow up a balloon! Get the book from Ebay

What kind of Queen are you asked Denzil?

Confident Queen said to Denzil “Well, I’m not the kind of Queen that rules over a country. I’m the kind of Queen that rules over my own inside. When I feel sad because something hasn’t gone right, I tell myself that I am Queen on the inside – just like you are King on the inside and you can tell yourself everything you need to be confident and keep trying even when things go wrong. You see, I am the Queen of being confident on the inside”.

Confident Queen’s Main Outfit

Huge Heart Shaped Glasses which radiates her love to help


Queen Hat with Crown – Every Queen needs a crown


Apron – as she loves cooking


Red Trousers – her favourite colour is red


Wellington Boots – this she  uses to do gardening & splash in puddles for fun


Shopping bag – as she loves shopping and collects things with smiles on them


Confidence Song and Dance –

Well you can download the song here…/feel-confident-charity-single and then Donate here –

Children having fun wearing some of the Confident Queen Accessories

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