Are you dreading going back to work after the Christmas break?

dreadSo you have had a lovely long break  from work and now you are dreading going back to work?

Well here are some of my suggestions of what you get in the right frame of mine to get back to work and taken with you some of the Christmas happy vibes!


Start of by writing  down all the wonderful things you did  and experienced during the time you have had off.


  1.  Go to bed thinking how grateful you are to at least have a job and a salary at the end of each month.


2.   Wake up in a good mood determined to extend the Christmas spirit of happiness and good vibes to your colleagues,


3.  Before you  get to the office,  you could  buy a  box of  chocolates or  biscuits to  share with  your colleagues


4.  When you get to the office smile and wish everyone a happy new year



5.  If at any time during the day you start getting that “ I am fed up and hate my job ” feeling, stop, go out for a walk or short break and do the One Minute Smilence – this means thinking or recalling happy experiences you have had whilst smiling for a minute




I hope you have a wonderful day at work and hope that if you really hate your job, you will try and find ways to be happier at work or look for a job that would make you happier! Remember – The grass is always greener on the other side!



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