Power of Positive thoughts

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We all have times in our lives when we feel  like giving up and say a lot of negative things to ourselves which if we are not careful can lead us to sadness and depression.

It  during these moments that we have to try and  change our thought pattern and switch to being positive.  Being positive takes a lot of practise so that in time it becomes part of our lifestyle choice.

How I overcame negative thoughts

I remember years ago I was totally consumed by the negative things my ex was saying about me such as  {You are no good, You are a bad mother, no one will want to be with you after I finish with you.} I used to cry so much and on the occasion when my children played up I used to really feel like a bad mother.  I was in a sorry state, but  was somehow determined to do something about it.  I got out my  personal development books and started to read about the power of positive thoughts. I then wrote out positive affirmations  – like  {You are a wonderful mother, You are doing a good Job, You are Loved and Special.} I would read them aloud looking in the mirror and slowly, I started to believe and see myself as that wonderful confident mother. Even on the occasions when I would have negative thoughts, seeing my affirmations on the wall and reading them out loud also helped. I also use to have an elastic band round my wrist, so when I felt negative I would pull it and would remind me to distract from being negative to being positive.


 A useful tool to keep yourself from slipping into negativity as I mentioned earlier is to use external reminders. You can, for example, use written notes posted at places you can’t avoid seeing several times each day – your workspace, fridge and mirrors – or put a bracelet on your wrist.   I find seeing these quotes around me helped to lift my mood back to positivity. You could also have a small box of positive affirmations which you could carry around you every day, and then take time out to read and focus on them.




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  1. siouxyan
    Nov 22, 2015 @ 08:45:46

    I know all about the practice in theory and have decided before to carry around reminders.. I write poetry and only on the subject of positivity so as to remind me, but I haven’t thought of carrying around a bracelet or the positive affirmation box…great idea! Closest thing I’ve thought of is tattooing “happiness” to my forearm, but I just couldn’t make the leap 😕 If we just stay on the reminding day in and out, that’s as good as a tattoo or better I’m sure. I’m glad this post is here for people to see! Thanks!


    • Confident Queen
      Nov 22, 2015 @ 09:13:16

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my post, WOW, I need to check you out, I love poetry, have you published any?


      • siouxyan
        Nov 22, 2015 @ 15:04:46

        I’ve just begun publishing, and I’m starting with my blog here, breakawayfromsorrow… I have a nice book prepared to be published but I’m waiting to publish it until my deadline in 2017..working on some other stuff to go along with it 😉 but until then you can find my work here 😊

  2. Booster
    Nov 23, 2015 @ 20:55:51

    It’s amazing what a difference positive thinking can make! So simple but so effective…


  3. Confident Queen
    Nov 23, 2015 @ 22:35:05



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