Inspired to be a writer

I was inspired to write my book ” I can blow up a balloon”  based on an incident which happened when my son Denzil at the age of 5 tried to blow up a balloon and initially couldn’t.   I combined this with my Confident Queen character I had created and whose mission is to deliver the Gift of Confidence and Happiness to all.


Extract of interview of my interview with  N Star

“I can blow up a balloon’ is Genny Jones first book and her aim in this book is to help the reader imagine the journey of a young boy named Denzil, from the frustration of failing to blow a balloon to the joy of being able to do so after much hard work. It is also expected that the book will communicate the values behind ‘Confident Queen’ as a persona who helps children to be more confident by using the contents of her ‘Gift of Confidence’ toolkit which contains a creative array of items to boost and maintain one’s confidence. Research in numerous fields including Education, Health, Psychology and Sociology, highlight the importance of confidence building in our young people and the book aims to contribute to this.”


Interview about my book with Miss Laflot–britains-got-talent-contestant






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