When life is not going the way we had hoped!

bepreparedThe other day I overheard a lady on the train discussing with  her friend the fact that at 58 she was expecting to have retired, paid of her mortgage, be debt free, live in a beautiful home, raise wonderful independent children, and be travelling to different destinations with her husband.


This really got me thinking too, as I find myself in a similar situation where my life seems at times to be in a rot and this gets me frustrated when I want to do something and I cant because I don’t have the necessary finances to do so. It can be challenging at times especially when you work so hard and yet still cannot enjoy the money as we are consumed by bills and debts.   Below are some of the things I try to do to help me overcome challenges I face. I hope you find them useful,



How to create the life you want to experience


Take stock of your life right now – write down all the good stuff , and then write down all the challenges you are facing ring now,


Look at all the challenges you are facing and next to each answer-

What have you done in the past to resolve it?

Who do you know who has gone through this situation and will be willing to help you? If you don’t know someone, try to search on the internet .


Goal – Write down what you want to happen about this challenge you are facing how will it make you feel once you have resolved it, and how you will celebrate overcoming this challenge?


Options – Write down all the possible things you could do to resolve things

Obstacles – Write down everything that you feel will prevent you from taking a particular option

Overcome the obstacles – Write down everything that you could do to overcome each obstacle and remember at this stage to also get help from others, as sometimes when we are going through challenges it can be difficult to see the solution. I find it useful to search the internet and read stories about people who have a similar challenge to me and how they overcame it. You could also look for support groups online or in your local area

 Solution – Look at all your options and select the one which you feel is best for you.

Action – At this stage you must be willing and committed do the things that will help you overcome the challenge you are facing. Taking action also means developing new habits and having a diary where you can plan the actions you are going to take. I tend to procrastinate at times, so I belong to a small network of people who want to succeed in life, and we support and encourage each other on a regular basis.

Positive Mindset – Despite challenges we face, we must tray and develop a positive mindset and attitude which involves believing and knowing that our challenges are temporary and there is light at the end of a tunnel!


Stay Confident and don’t every give up!

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