Former Britain’s Got Talent Contestant now turns her talents to being an authour!

Genny Jones AKA Confident Queen former contestant on Britain’s Got Talent, single mother of two, Entrepreneur, TV and Radio personality and happiness spreader has done it again – putting her talents to work by bringing us her ‘soon to be published’ children’s confidence story and activity book: ‘I Can Blow Up A Balloon’.

Book Launch
4th December 2015 at the Veteran’s Hall The Hill Northfleet DA11 9EU

Book Cost £4.99

Book Includes:-
•Crayons for children to colour the pictures
•Positive Affirmation Cards
•Instruction sheet for children to create their own Gift of Confidence Box

For more information  and to pre order book contact:
Genny Jones 07429 407 981 Email@ genny @ confidentqueen. co. uk
Website –
Twitter – Follow @confident_Queen

Additional Information about the book
Research in numerous fields including Education, Health, Psychology and Sociology, highlight the importance of confidence building in our young people. The book aims to help children be confident. Genny was inspired to write the book based on an incident which happened to her son when he was five. In this book she brings together life experience, backed up by research and the importance of lifelong learning for all.

She combines the story with the Character Confident Queen persona whom she has created. Confident Queen’s mission is helping people to be confident using her special Gift of Confidence toolkit. This toolkit contains a creative array of items to boost and maintain one’s confidence.

Several parents who have previewed the book had this to say

Angela Steele – A Mother and Grand Parent “A great read for the younger ones. So uplifting. It made me smile.”

Sarah Webb – Mother of two and Foster Carer
“We thought the book was really good. Joshua, who’s 6 really enjoyed it, I read it to him first and he’s also read it by himself too since. I think it’s a great story and really is beneficial for children who experience a lack of self-esteem/confidence. I have also read it to my foster girl who’s a little old, however, is probably about the same age as Joshua with regards to learning and she thought it was really nice too!”
Jade Webster – Mother, Councilor, Community Activist “I have just read your book, it’s wonderful.”

Helen Mckee – Mother, Child Minder “ A great resources to keep the children I look after engaged”


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