Positive Affirmations for Children


As Confident Queen one of my aim’s is to equip children at an early age with the tools they need so that they can become more confident in themselves and maximise their potential and be the best they can. In my Children’s Book “ I can blow a balloon” you can see how as Confident Queen, I helped the main character Denzil to use affirmations to help him develop the confidence to blow a balloon.

What is an affirmation

An affirmation is simply a positive power statement that you can use in a variety of ways. Affirmations need to be in the present, as if they already have achieved their goal, and of course they must be positive.


Positive Affirmation Box


These affirmations can be kept in a small box which children can put in their school bag or just leave on a special place in their bedroom where they can see it. The idea is for them to read an affirmation a day and practice what it says. We can use positive affirmations for children as it is a very powerful tool that will help to change their belief system. Affirmations for children have the effect of filling them up with powerful self belief and confidence. If a child is struggling with confidence in some area, you can use the power of affirmation to build their self esteem, and give them a tool to help solve problems.

Integrating affirmations into your child’s life will help to instil a positive attitude and outlook that will serve them very well. This is one of the most empowering gifts you can bless your child with. The affirmations you use with your child can be about noticing and focusing on the fun and joy in life or they can be targeted toward a specific belief you would like to introduce

There are a number of ways of making affirmations work more effectively by combining a number of ideas for example:

Last thing at night, encourage the child to focus on one of the affirmations and if they are younger children you can whisper the affirmation in their ears before they go to bed. You can also encourage your children to be creative and even create a song, or a dance to go with the affirmations. The more they see, hear, say and feel it, the more powerful it becomes.


Affirmations for Children an Example:

Joe is aged 8 and he had been stressed out because of his forth coming diving exam. He explained to me that whilst he was waiting to do his dive, re remembered some of the words of the confident child song I had taught him and he started to sing to himself   “Confident child is who I am, I’m Confident, everyday I feel confident”. He said he closed his eyes for one minute and could see the words on the T-shirt he had made in the confident children club with the slogan “ Be a confident child like me” and he also imagined that he did the best dive ever! He then opened his eyes took a deep breath and said to himself, “I am going to do this dive because I am Confident”. He took the dive confidently and was very happy as he passed his diving test!


Gift of Confidence Box with positive Affirmations

Get your child’s Gift of Confidence Box with positive affirmations and a letter from me Confident Queen encouraging your child to know that they are unique, special and can be the best they can. email genny@cofidentqueen.co.uk

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